the real secret

of success

The choices we make today will impact our future, and that includes our health and how well we are to do all of the things that we want to achieve.    If we aren’t feeling our best, then we can’t be as successful as we want to be.

At Healthy‑ness®, we have an undeniable passion for creating good health and firmly believe that making healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices today will help us to stay healthy for longer and give us the best chance of success.   

Healthy for longer

the choices we make today will impact our future


the choices we make today

 will impact our future


the choices we make today will impact our future


Research shows that it’s not our genes that predict the future.  They don’t determine whether we will get a disease or not.  They determine whether we are vulnerable to getting a disease.  

It’s what brings our genes to life that makes the difference.    

that difference can be hugely influenced by our nutrition and lifestyle

Scientific research continues to raise awareness that many of our health issues and diseases are linked to our busy modern lifestyles, where we are becoming increasingly dependent on faster food, faster eating, faster lifestyles, less sleep and rising stress levels.  And the knock on effects to all of this are less achievements and compromised health – including the increased risk of illness and chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Many of us push ourselves beyond what nature intended and our bodies just aren’t coping with this modern lifestyle.  Essentially, we are pushing ourselves towards damage, reducing our quality of lives, and achieving much less and with more pain.   

The rising trend is to end the ‘no pain no gain’ culture and take back control of our health now so that we can start reaping the rewards today and well into the future, and our next generation.



the natural ingredient to feeling your best

At Healthy‑ness®, we care passionately about health today and firmly believe that we should depend more on creating good health, and less on taking a ‘pill for every ill’.  

Using decades of research, knowledge, personal experiences and professional training, we have developed our Healthy‑ness® programme,  which uses science-based theory and practical skills.  It is designed to use natural solutions that you can easily blend into your life so that it supports optimal wellness and allows you to feel your best and live life as it should be.  We are all unique in our own ways, so each programme is carefully tailored to individual requirements so that you get the right ingredients to start feeling your best.


We work with a range of clients who are looking to manage their health better from weight loss, increasing energy and motivation, improving sleep, dealing with anxieties and phobias, to reducing stress and turning what feels to be the “impossible” into the “I’m possible”.

Through one-to-one coaching, we support our clients in regaining their optimal health and unlock their peak performance so that they can get themselves back on top, feel their best, achieve what they want to achieve and live life as it should be.

We provide a confidential, safe and motivational environment for our clients to establish the firm foundations required to build new pathways along which they will begin their incredible journeys to achieving their goals.

We have particular interest in some key areas:

We work with high achieving entrepreneurs and business clients who are looking to improve their health and energy levels to reach higher success; and with clients who have reached the point of ‘burnout’ where they are tired of feeling tired and unwell, and tired of feeling stressed and and not able to cope as well with the demands of life and business.

Stress Anxiety Self esteem motivation

Stress, anxieties, low self esteem and motivation can all reduce our quality of life, and they will ultimately hold us back from achieving those important things in life.  We work very sympathetically with our clients to help them to break free from this daily burden so that they can start living life as it should be.   

We work with clients to develop some nutritional and lifestyle changes that will support long term weight loss.  There are no extreme diets or restrictions, no gyms required, and no calorie counting (because all calories are not equal!).  It’s a natural and progressive change that supports client goals and gives them the satisfaction that they are looking for.

We work with clients who have a range of food intolerances, where we help to unravel the complexities of eating a restricted diet.  We provide guidance on alternative foods that will support optimum health, and we help to develop a new and exciting way forward that allows our clients to move from living with a ‘disability’ to living life as it should be.

With the increasing trend of removing animal products from our diets, we are keen to work with clients who are transitioning to a more plant based diet.  We provide important guidance and coaching on the key foods and nutrients to include that will maintain optimal nutrition and health.

We are all unique in many ways so our clients’ goals will vary depending on requirements and personal circumstances.  The goals may be different, but the results are the same for our clients – changing habits and behaviours to feel their best and live life as it should be. 

It’s never too soon or too late to start making those changes, and choosing your health today will help you to live it by choice, rather than by chance.


CHOOSE your health









If you are looking for motivational support and direction in making a positive change to your health and lifestyle choices so that you can feel your best and achieve more, then please do get in contact with us.  We offer a free, no-obligation consultation where we will spend time to learn more about you and your goals, and help you to discover a way forward.  We will provide some tips and simple steps, and if our programme fits into your life and business, we would love to welcome you on board.

you deserve to feel your best
and live life as it should be

you deserve to
feel your best
live life as it should be