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After over a decade of suffering at the hands of ill health and dealing with the worsening effects it was having on her quality of life, Helen Campbell, founder and health coach, finally began to recover and feel her best again.  She spent much of those years looking for answers, researching with great passion, and even obsession, to find a reason why she was struggling more and more with her health; why she was becoming increasingly intolerant to almost everything she ate and drank; and why no conventional or complementary treatments were working.  There were so many why’s and very few answers.

Helen’s journey led her on a relentless pathway of pain and suffering, and often with feelings of helplessness as her health continued to decline.  But despite this and her eroding passion for life, she continued to seek out answers and over time developed her own natural solution that put her on the road to recovery.   She had finally found hope.  

Helen is evidence that there is a natural way back from making poor and often naive health and lifestyle choices in  earlier life, and she firmly believes that if she had the knowledge back then, her health journey would have been very, very different today.  Along her incredible road to recovery, she felt increasingly overwhelmed by the abundance of information available to her, and by the often contradicting and mixed messages being published about what we should and should not be doing for our health.   She also experienced how much ill health (or just not feeling your best) can prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals. 

So when Helen’s own health improved, she had a strong desire to help others to cut through the overwhelm when looking for healthier choices so that they can start to achieve their dreams and goals.  She went on to study and qualify in nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and combining her undeniable passion, experience and vast knowledge for good health, she founded  Healthy‑ness®.

Today, Helen is back to feeling her best again and living life as it should be.  She is now channeling her rejuvenated health and energy into helping others find their natural solution so that they too can feel their best and live life as it should be.  Helen is also what she terms, a ‘part-time author’ and due to her renewed health, her passion for writing is back.  She published the Brodie McHaggis series in 2005 and 2007 (which are available from Brodie’s website) and she is currently writing a book on health and wellness. 

It is never too early or too late to make a difference to your life.  If you are ready to make a difference and are looking for support, then I would love to hear from you – please get in touch.

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"I' believe that creating good health is the real secret of success"






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