the real secret

of success

Helen Campbell


Employees are the backbone of every business and without them, there simply is no business.  How well they feel will affect their engagement, creativity, motivation, mood, passion, energy and commitment to drive efficiencies in business and deliver results.  Put simply, healthier employees will drive the behaviours required for a healthier bottom line.

In today’s increasingly demanding and stressful environments, employees have many things to juggle in their lives and often don’t leave the time to think about health and wellbeing as they focus more on meeting emerging demands, leaving health to chance rather than by choice.  

Creating time
Stress tiredness

It’s a fact that our modern lifestyles are having a huge impact on our health today, and in particular our stress levels, our sickness levels, and our mental health.   

The effects of poor health impacts business, with presenteeism and absenteeism continuing to rise in the UK and costing the British economy billions each year.  

So as a way of supporting employee wellbeing, many employers are now creating the time and the environments to encourage good health practices both in the workplace and at home. 


I believe that creating good health and building a culture of wellbeing is the real secret of success for business today.  

I provide a holistic approach to employee wellbeing and apply my NESS principles to support the habitual and behavioural changes required to create a lasting healthy change.  I also bring with a wealth of experience and understanding of the workplace, of how stress develops and the dangers of chronic stress, of how it can be managed and reduced, the work/life balance, why exercise matters, the critical importance of diet, and how it all interlinks with one another to create good health.

My approach is very flexible to support your business requirements, so my packages are tailored to suit you.  I can work on a one to one basis for those employees looking for a more personalised solution, within group sessions, facilitate lively lunch-time gatherings to encourage discussions on health and wellbeing … over a healthy lunch, I can work with your catering manager to provide healthier options, or I can work with your team to introduce wellbeing initiatives.  The format is entirely up to you and what your business needs to succeed.


I would really love to be a part of your employee wellbeing, so if you would like to understand more about how I can support your business goals, then please do contact me using the link below.  I look forward to hearing your goals and how I can help your business to succeed.