Healthy eating


It has recently been reported in the press that more than 120 leading scientists have asked the Health Secretary to evaluate the role of our gut microbiome in coronavirus amid ‘compelling evidence’ healthier diets could protect millions of Britons. This could also be true for so many of the illnesses we suffer from today and I am pleased that how we manage our own health is being taken more seriously.

There is overwhelming research that our gut microbiome is key to our health and wellbeing and it’s something we tend not to think about when we’re enjoying our modern lifestyles. We are all similar in so many ways because we’re human beings. However, our guts are so very different and it’s the combination of our microbiome and our DNA that makes us react to foods so differently.

Our gut is often described as our “second brain”, and if it’s not working properly, then it will have a negative impact on our health and it will reduce our quality of life in a number of ways. And it’s not just about eating the right foods to maintain a healthy gut – our exercise, our stress levels and our quality of sleep also have a huge impact on what is going on in our guts.

In many ways, we are losing our basic instincts of what nature intended for our health and wellbeing, resulting in unwittingly punishing our guts, and essentially lowering our immune system and quality of health. We really are what we eat – and do – and this will also determine our emotions, our energy levels, how we think and react, and much, much more.

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle behaviours are key to feeling our best and living life as it should be. Introducing healthier behaviours does take time and commitment, which is why many of us tend to look for an easier option of a magic button or a magic pill. But they don’t tend to work and we end up spending a lot of time and money and getting nowhere fast. What does make a real difference is making small behavioural changes that we can maintain well into the future. Small changes that will make massive improvements to how we feel and how we function.

If you need support in getting to the guts of your health, then we might be your natural ingredient to helping you feel your best. We particularly specialise in working with adults who have reached the point of ‘burnout’ where they are feeling exhausted, empty and unable to cope as well with the demands of life and are looking for support in regaining their mojo and living life as it should be.

💕 Take care and please stay safe 💕